Haddock Fillets 1kg

Haddock Fillets 1kg

Haddock Fillets 1kg
Size: 4,5 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick
A natural titbit for dogs, rich in protein, low in fat. Also suitable for dogs with allergy. 

Haddock Fillets is a healthy titbit, low in fat with just 1%, and contains more than 85% protein. This titbit is a 100% natural product, it contains no preservatives or additives, so it is also suitable for dogs with allergy.

When the haddock fillet is made ready for human consumption, it is cut to cut off the portion of the haddock fillet that is not suitable for human consumption.

What is being cut off, has been boned and then chopped, rolled and frozen. Then is has undergone a strong and at the same time gentle freeze drying process that gives a crisp and crunchy titbit.

As the fish is fresh before being dried, all nutrients are preserved and not deteriorated as they often get when heat-treated. The smell of fish is faint, so your fingers don’t smell after touching it.

The fish used for Haddock Fillets is caught in the North Atlantic Sea around Iceland where some of the cleanest seawater in the world is found.

Nutritional content per 100 grams:

Energy: 1414KJ/348 kcal
Protein: 87g
Fat: 1g
Salt: 0,2g
Carbohydrates: 0g

There are 5 bags i 1 box

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