Do you want to sell healthy and natural protein snacks
of the highest quality for dogs?

Sunde Godbidder(Healthy Treats) is your danish wholesaler of protein-rich, low-fat and 100 percent natural fish- and lamb snacks, which are suitable for most dogs with allergies.

Our products do not contain
       • corn
       • by-products
       • extracts
       • additives
       • perservatives
       • colourings
       • fillers

Ask for our products from your vet or petstore
or call Sunde Godbidder(Healthy Treats) on telephone 0045 8655 3838
to find your nearest dealer.

It is possible to buy selected goods in bulk.

We also produce dogtags for pet stores,
veterinary clinics and dog equipment stores.

Partner for product sales:

  • Germany